Welcome to Violet Matters.

Founded from my love of handcrafting, I enjoy creating things with my own two hands. Whether its knitted scarves & beanies or a piece of jewellery, pottery or felt. Violet Matters is the platform for my adventurous creative spirit to soar.

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Limited Edition Winter Fugly Beanie Range - Rock the winter months with one of our original beanie’s. The perfect accessory to beat those dreary winter days. Our beanies come in either a long or regular style and cater to both male and females. They make a great gift or pick me up – nothing like a pom pom to brighten up the dullest day.


Violet Matters was created from my love of handcrafting. Self-taught, curious by nature, equal parts dreamer and optimist possessed with a joyful soul that likes to dream large and laugh loud. I’m all about creating unique one-of-a-kind pieces and of allowing my creative spirit to fly wherever it wants.

I love creating beautiful things with my own two hands, and of seeing my ideas come to life. I am largely self-taught and am never completely satisfied with my creations. I think that like many others my ideas often outweigh my skill – but I have discovered that the joy is in the doing, the experimenting, the learning, the trying and the perfecting and these things are made possible by my dogged determination. I love to create unique jewellery pieces, particularly cameos and cabochons. Over the last year I have re-discovered my love of pottery and I am currently busy honing my skills to create my own clay pendants and creative hand-crafted clay works. I also love to knit and have created a range of unique ‘fuggly-snugglys’ – one-of-a-kind scarves and beanies that are so daggy they are totally cool. I love experimenting with different wools to create something truly awesome. You’ll often see a lot of pom poms scattered amongst my works as I am currently addicted to them…. I know, kind of weird. I also like experimenting with creating my own felt from Australian Merino dyed wool, it’s somewhat labour intensive but the results are stunning. I’ve a goal to create a range of felt scarves and wraps.

You can purchase my creative works from my Etsy shops VioletMatters & CabochonsAustralia or click on these links to take your there directly: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/VioletMatters  OR https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/CabochonsAustralia 

Happiness is handmade

Being creative is a way of life, the more you create the more creative you become.