What’s Hot in 2017

What's Hot BlogAccording to Vogue, 2017 is all about ‘statement necklaces, art school earrings, arm cuffs and raw stones’. For the past couple of years chokers have re-emerged as the ‘in’ necklace option.

Necklace Thumbnail - Beads - Long, What's Hot BlogHowever 2017 looks to be the year for the sautoir’s gallant revival. Sautoir, which means ‘long necklace’ to the common folk (myself included), is all about mineral slices, large feature pieces and chunky beads in all forms; be it wood, polymer, resin, gem, crystal, metal or plastic.

What's Hot BlogThere is still room for the choker this year, with a slight adjustment. Forget the super thick choker, this year it is all about the thin choker, whether it’s done in velvet ribbon or dainty fine chain, keep it thin and simple – a single pearl or small feature charm or pendant are a great way to go.

It might be time to go searching through your jewellery archives for those large earrings you have been missing for the past few decades (hello 70’s ladies), as the large ear-ring is back in style. Be it graphic shapes, unusual materials, arty concoctions and the wild and wacky, its all in!!

What's Hot BlogNew and innovative ways of wearing and constructing bracelets is also a strong trend this year. Arm cuffs, graphic shapes and layered statement pieces are the look to aim for, Think sexy and futuristic rolled into one stylish package. Go for individualism and you won’t go too far wrong.

Raw stones and uncut minerals have made an impressive resurgence this year as a go to option for necklaces. The healing power of raw crystals and minerals are a must have inclusion for this years wardrobe.

Final note: This year looks like a bit of a mish-mash from ropes & cords to sparkles, statement ear-rings, stand out feature pieces, satin’s, fabrics, minerals and eye catching concoctions, pearls mixed with metals and maxi charms, oversized earrings and necklaces, dainty chokers, interesting bracelets  and faux fine jewellery is the mixed bag of style for 2017. 2017 is a fashion jewellery blend, mixing past favourites with a futuristic sway.


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