We’re Expanding

Great news, due to demand we have decided to introduce a select range of fashion jewellery into our 2017 Collection. We have been busy carefully selecting a range of pieces – primarily earrings, rings and bracelets, bangles and torques over the past couple of months. 

Our custom handcrafted jewellery will continue to be our primary focus now and going forward, however, we wanted to be able to offer our loyal customers a greater range of products than we are currently able to provide – sorry the elves just don’t work as hard or for as long as I would like in the workshop!!! 

Our new fashion pieces have been chosen carefully to compliment our current range so you are able to continue building and layering onto a particular style that you like. 

Hopefully you have all had an opportunity to browse through our ever expanding body jewellery collection – our most popular range. If you are like some of my friends you may be a little unsure about the whole ‘body jewellery’ or ‘bondage style harness’ caper – but – the overwhelming feedback from our customers has been totally positive. Putting the terminology aside, the harnesses look amazing over a simple light dress or under  your swimsuit if your looking for something a little more enticing.

Whilst I personally wouldn’t be caught dead in a leg chain in public – ladies that’s for everybody else’s comfort as well as my thighs haven’t seen sunlight since the 90’s, – I have a couple of friends who where them all the time under shorts, shirts etc and they look amazing – they tell me they always get compliments from both males and females and that wearing them makes them feel totally feminine and confident – who’d a guessed it!


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