Reasons why your jewellery might look cheap

When the only statement your jewellery is making is ‘i’m cheap’ than it’s time for you to hold your own jewellery intervention! Strangely enough a price tag does not always determine the difference between a quality looking piece of jewellery and a gaudy cheap piece of tragedy. I’m sure in our travels we have all seen some tragically expensive, yet hideously gaudy and overdone pieces. I have also seen a lot of budget jewellery that is simply stunning. Sometimes it is a very fine line between the two and often one woman’s gaudy is another woman’s nirvana. Here are a few simple starter tips to help point you in the right direction. 

  1. It has feathers within the design – now please don’t get your rage on and send me hate mail. I’m sorry but the truth can be painful to hear – feathers look cheap, even when they are from a rare, endangered bird from an exotic location – they still look cheap and nasty on a pair of earrings, a necklace or any other type of jewellery. The only types of feathers you should be wearing as jewellery are those made out of a metal – leave the actual feathers for the poor birds K!
  2. Fan Jewellery – Yes, yes we all have a team or a star that we adore but ladies you need to keep that shit on the inside not dangling from a gaudy pair of earrings. Also ‘friendzy’ jewellery – you know the ones that have ‘best friends’ on them and you wear one half and your bestie wears the other, only cool if you are under 12 years of age.
  3. Statement Necklace Fail – Look, don’t feel bad, it has happened to us all at one time – our seemingly awesome statement jewellery says all the wrong things and sends all the wrong messages. Rather than hey look at me, don’t I look just amazing we instead are left with…. Wow!! Your necklace looks like a merry-go-round at the local show – full of bedazzling bits and bobs, that look like you are wearing a giant tropical fish. What you had hoped would convey a beautifully stylish, modern and sophisticated look fails tragically making your outfit look cheap and gaudy instead. Try to avoid ‘busy, busy’ jewellery pieces and instead try layering or wearing a stunning pendant necklace or lariat. Giant, gaudy necklaces should be sent back to the 1980s ladies where they belong.
  4. Dreadful greenish black stains on your skin wear copper, silver and nickel jewellery is rubbing. If this is happening to you than girlfriend you need to do some jewellery cleaning 101. A couple of simple tips to avoid this include, using a clear nail polish on the bits that touch your skin if  you are planning on wearing it for long periods of time; making sure you don’t get the jewellery wet – this includes your sweat; cleaning your jewellery after you have worn it before you put it away – get yourself a nice abrasive face washer, then when you take your jewellery off at the end of the day simply wipe it down (clean/polish) before putting it away. If like us you live near the ocean be sure to keep your jewellery in a box and out of the sea air.
  5. It looks cheap! – it may sound stupid but there are variations and differences within costume jewellery. It is possible to buy a budget piece of jewellery that doesn’t look cheap and nasty. Avoid flimsy looking jewellery and overtly fake cheesy gemstones that look plastic. Rather pick simple sturdy pieces that have clear crystals in them and steer clear of super bright metals with good enamel work.


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