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Jewellery Designer

I am the founder and creative genius behind the Violet Matters curtain. You could say that this is a career reincarnation as we take a beloved hobby and lovingly weave it into a fully operational e-commerce jewellery business.

I’m a jewellery designer who specialises in necklaces, bracelets and body jewellery designs. I have a passion for creating unique and interesting one-of-a-kind pieces that are both beautiful and versatile. My designs are sometimes eclectic and on any given day I can find myself deeply immersed in delicate feminine pieces in the morning and then find myself creatively transformed during the afternoon and night into a crazy unpredictable mix of boho, vintage and goth styles. 


My favourite thing to create is a personalised custom piece, that has been designed, measured and made to fit my client perfectly. My major dislike is mass produced jewellery that has no individual flair or standout significance, boring..

Currently, I have been focusing my attention felt jewelry, cameos, healing stones and cabochons all of which I just adore. They tick all of my boxes for our vision of Violet Matters – they are unique and make you feel amazing when worn, perfect!

Violet Matters – ‘feeling good about yourself matters’

Cin, Creative Genius


P.O. Box 9051, Pacific Paradise
4563, QLD  Australia


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