The Violet  
Matters Team

Violet Matters comprises of a small team of creative wonders. Whether that creativity is expressed through design, technology or administration our close knit team is abound in equal measure with passion for their individual craft and their depth of experience that we bring to work each and every day.

While we are as different as day and night, it is these very differences that draw us together as a unit and that forms the foundation for our strength as a team. It is our creativity and imaginative minds that binds us together and enables us to dream big and far.

We are privileged to be surrounded by a supportive network of like minded souls whose wisdom and expertise we are able to tap into whenever the need arises.

Sharing in a unified vision and dream for Violet Matters, we are committed to the creation of a flourishing business that in turn gifts us with the ability to work and live how we choose. We embrace a culture of work/life balance and are each driven to advance, expand and perfect our chosen areas of expertise and interest. 

Our team shares an uncontrollable sense of fun and mischief which we struggle to reign in, even on our site. Pranksters and mischief makers we love nothing better than not taking ourselves too seriously. Insincere apologies in advance if you find our sense of humour and joy of life confronting. 

Like all great teams, where would we be without our trusty mascot – ‘Chazzy’. Our mascot is a twisted mix of persnickety cool cat, Lord of the manner, tyrannical drill sergeant trusted confessor and zen master C. Under his eagle eye nothing escapes his notice or stands in the way of his wishes.

In honour of our 2017 Jewellery Collection, which embraces a garden theme – we thought it only appropriate to deploy the talents of our very own Chazzy to play his part. What good garden would be without its very own cheeky little kitty?

The primary thing for you to know about ‘Chazzy’ is that he is the keeper of the ultimate discount. Weaved  and threaded throughout our site you will find a number ‘Chazzy’ images. Never in the same place for long, and gifting to you a different prize each time, it is well worth your effort to seek him out and click on him whenever you cross his path. For more information be sure to check out our Promotions page.