How much jewellery is TOO much jewellery?

Blog‘How much jewellery is TOO much jewellery’? is the most common question we get asked here at Violet Matters. Sadly, too much jewellery can not only break your outfit but it can also leave you looking like a fashion eyesore, most probably immortalised in time by a loved one who takes a snap of you and then uploads it to Facebook – so everyone can bask in your… well… your shining magnificence for years to come, nice!!  

We’ve all seen ‘it’, I’d even say with some confidence that at some stage we’ve each been ‘it’… I certainly know that upon occasion I have most definitely fallen prey to the belief that I can get away with wearing WAY way too much jewellery at the same time… sure I say to myself… on other people this would look completely overdone and ridiculous but on me, well on me it just seems to look f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s…. only to look back at at a photo years later with cringing embarrassment as I pose proudly for a photo looking like and overdone visual nightmare – oh dear!! So as much as this blog entry is for you it is also a timely reminder for myself that you know what sometimes, well most times when we are speaking about jewellery ‘more’ is not better. Thank goodness the same harsh reality cannot be said for chocolate.

OK so what are the basic rules regarding how much jewellery is enough? Firstly – There are four main jewellery points 1) Neck, 2) wrist, 3) finger(s) & 4) ears. As a general principal only ever wear jewellery on three of these points at one time – for example if you wear ring, necklace and earrings, don’t wear a bracelet or if you wear necklace, bracelet and earrings don’t wear rings… well you get the point.

BlogSecondly, if in doubt (at all) than it is always a good idea to remove the last piece of jewellery that you put on and then keep removing pieces until you have stopped looking like you are a jewellery shop owner who is walking around trying to sell their jewellery wares or Mr T…

Thirdly, your jewellery is an accessory – it should never detract from you or your outfit. In saying this it is ok to wear a nice feature piece of jewellery as long as it coordinates with your outfit and your body type. What I mean is that if you are of a petite build don’t wear massive chunky earrings, necklace and rings all at once – we will lose you. Similarly if you are wearing a soft delicate blouse a huge chunky wooden necklace can ruin the feminine look and line of the soft flowing blouse creating a conflicting visual. It’s important to select jewellery that compliments your outfit, for example a choker will be lost if you are wearing a thick cowl necked jumper. Choose jewellery pieces that will complement the fabric of your chosen outfit. For example don’t pick a piece that is going to rub or snag on your fabric or overwhelm the fabric.

Remember to choose ONE focal piece of jewellery not 3 or more… This point links back to the second and third rules mentioned above. If you have chosen to wear necklace, earrings and bracelet – don’t have each be a focal point, rather choose one to be the focal – say necklace and then add complimenting earrings and bracelet or ring(s). 

Next, remember to layer carefully, I wrote a bit about this in the Jewellery No No’s blog last week so be sure to check that out. Layering should look organic and effortless – despite the reality of it actually being quite difficult to achieve a balanced layering look. So often you see bad, overdone, trying too hard, layering looks. This is the number one way to get jewellery overload.

BlogAn important habit to adopt is to ask yourself what look you are trying to achieve. Are you going for a vintage look? Bohemian? hippy? Sexy? Daring? Steampunk? Goth? Classic? Sophisticated? Elegant? Opulent? Arty? Jewellery can be a magical tool that you can use to create a very specific look so it’s a good idea to firstly spend a second thinking about the particular look you are trying to achieve. In any given day you might create at least three different looks; a classic look to work, a vintage look when you meet up with friends after work and a sexy sophisticated look for that romantic dinner out with someone special. It’s up to you.

Six rings 4 necklaces layered in different lengths, dangly earrings in each of your 6 ear piercings, 4 toe rings, nose ring, 20 thin noisy bangles on each wrist, a clip in your hair, ladies if this is you – trust me you are wearing too much jewellery and your friends need to stage an intervention S.T.A.T.

Or, if you a teeny tiny tinkerbell built women and you are currently sporting a big chunky wooden necklace with a pendant the size of a tea cup, long, long dangly earrings, with a couple of big chunky rings you need to start calling out ‘I’m here’, I’m here’ so your friends can find you cause trust me you are invisible under all of that bling!!

BlogIt pains me to say this and I acknowledge it is somewhat of an odd thing for a women whose ability to pay her bills and eat depends on the sale of the jewellery she makes BUT, I feel it is only right that I should make the point here that – not every outfit requires you to wear jewellery (gasp – that is me gasping for air as my jewellery sales just take a hit for the month). But it is true, not every outfit benefits from wearing jewellery, sometimes the outfit is enough. Moreover, you don’t have to wear earrings, necklace, rings and bracelets with every outfit, sometimes a stunning pair of earrings is more than enough to create a stunning look.

My final word is for you to always remember that jewellery is an accessory – you are the feature act!! Wearing too much jewellery will not make you look richer or sexier or more fashionable, it just won’t. Restraint and balance are much better options going forward.

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