May Jewellery Spotlight: Rings

Coinciding with the release of our new range of rings this month we will be doing a series of blogs and posts spotlighting rings, we hope you enjoy. Be sure to check out the latest’s additions to our collections in the Violet Matters shop

May Spotlight Blog Rings Rings are arguable one of the most prolifically worn pieces of jewellery, and wading your way through the choices can be completely overwhelming.  You can find a ring for every occasion in life and in line with whatever style preference you are interested in; including, family heirloom,  class rings, fashion rings and of course wedding rings to name a few. Not only a pretty decorative piece of jewellery, rings can have significant influence and power. They can communicate without words your relationship status, give clues about your personality,  lifestyle, cultural and class hints .

It goes without saying that if you are fond of wearing rings, you share an equal passion for manicures and hand care? It is so unfortunate when you see a women wearing some hideously expensive rings only to see equally hideously kept nails and hands. They spend all that money on a beautiful piece of jewellery but they don’t spend one iota on either basic hand, nail and skin care….. I really don’t get that. A well groomed hand with beautiful nails and a fashion ring can out style a poorly kept hand with an expensive ring adorning it. 


What is the significance of each finger? a peak back in time:

May Spotlight Blog RingsNo big secret here that the left hand ‘ring’ finger (third finger from the thumb) is the traditional ring for married couple to wear their wedding rings. Within some cultures it is said that single women who wear rings on their left ‘ring’ finger are declaring that they are OK but that they are ready to find a mate as soon as possible. However, wearing a single or a number of rings stacked on your right ‘ring’ finger has been said to signify that you are resourceful, creative and independent, its more the ‘I don’t need no man, I am an independent and resourceful woman who is intelligent enough to find a creative solution to any problem that arises’  kick ass, ring finger. 

A ring worn on your pinky finger has been said to symbolise the wearer is gifted, artistic and creative. Wearers were believed to be confident, eloquent and able influence others. A popular ring finger for bohemian style as it also represents the wearer is adventurous, free-spirited and unhampered by social and cultural constraints.

Rings worn on the middle fingers (aside from adding a certain ‘bling factor’ when you give the bird), is believed to symbolise exhibitionism with the wearer keen to draw attention to not only the ring but also as a means of drawing attention to themselves. Adding to this, it is believed that wearing rings on both left and right middle fingers signifies that you have a discerning nature and are a good judge of character. In addition, wearing rings on both middle fingers is also believed to indicate the wearer is has a balanced nature and is a good leader. Throughout history wearing rings on the middle fingers has also indicated the wearers connection or belief in magic and the supernatural.

Lastly, rings worn on the index fingers particularly those worn on the right hand have been said to symbolise that the wearer is seeking dominance and power over self and those around them. Furthermore, wearing a ring on a single index finger is said to symbolise the wearer is prone to hysteria, vanity, overconfidence and perhaps even narcissism or narcissistic tendencies. However, wearing rings on both index fingers can represent that the wearer, while seeking power and authority is willing and able to take a more recessive role and to accept advice from others. 

A Style Perspective:


What type of hand for what ring? – a style perspective:

Petite – if you are petite sized or simply have short fingers it is best to stay away from chunky large ring with large feature pieces, smaller more delicate rings look much better. This doesn’t mean you can’t create that ‘big ring’ look, you just need to choose a smaller sized ring as it will look larger on your smaller hand.

Curvaceous – if you are curvaceous with long fingers than you are able to wear larger ‘chunky’ rings, however, you should try to refrain from wearing too many at once, it is a good idea to wear smaller rings on the middle and right ‘ring’ finger and save your little finger for that big statement ring. The thumb and the index finger will look good with a medium-sized ring. 

Athletic – if you are medium to tall in height and have long  thin fingers than you can luckily wear just about any type of ring and have it look lovely. However, many of the rules above count for you too eg. don’t  pack your hands with massive rings on each finger. In contrast also avoid wearing super fine singular rings on each finger. A better option would be to choose a couple of fingers and stack a couple of rings or spread a couple of rings over a couple of fingers.May Spotlight Blog Rings


What finger for what ring? 

The little finger – this is a great finger to wear a statement ring, one with a nice wide band can look fantastic. It can create a carefree and playful look.

The middle finger – while you see a lot of people wearing a large dominant ring on the middle finger it is actually a great place to wear a smaller band, particularly if you are wearing rings on multiple fingers.

The traditional ‘ring’ finger – left hand, third finger. If you’re a single lady looking to change that, I’d opt to wear that fashion ring on your right hand, now everyone knows your footloose and fancy free. A few single friends of mine make a point to always wear a nice ‘engagement style’ ring on their right when they are going about or when travelling as its easy to make a quick finger swap from right to left when creepy dudes are about.

Index finger and thumb – these are great fingers for wearing large heavy rings and surprisingly they tend to be comfortable all day long. Known crudely as the ‘fancy fingers’ wearing rings on these fingers can be seen as a sign of your wealth, class and place in society.


What size ring are you?

Selecting the wrong size, is often our singular mistake when we are purchasing a new ring. As a general rule; the most common women’s ring size is 6 (for interest the most common men’s size is 9). Size 5 – 15.7mm. A good tip is to measure each of your fingers and thumbs and text the measurements of each to yourself. That way you will always have the correct sizes of each when you are out shopping or to send to your significant other periodically as a hint.

Size 515.7mm
Size 615.7mm
Size 716.5mm
Size 818.2mm
Size 918.9mm
Size 1019.8mm
Size 1120.6mm
Size 1221.3mm
Size 1322.2mm

May Spotlight Blog Rings

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