Jewellery Spotlight: Necklaces

Necklace BlogThe history of the necklace can be traced back to the start of the history of man when we enjoyed adorning ourselves with necklaces made from animal teeth & bones. Necklaces continue to hold the honour of being the most popular piece of jewellery worn by both men and women of all ages. These days necklaces come in a seemingly endless medium of styles, lengths, designs and materials. Most women can lay ownership to a variety of necklace pieces and styles. Whether they are in gold, silver, rose gold, antique gold, metals, gemstones, rocks, wood, porcelain, wool, silicon, glass, plastic, rubber, suede or some other type of thread, yarn; it seems like ‘anything goes’ is the necklace catchphrase of the millennia. No matter your age, gender, lifestyle or fashion style you can be sure that there is a necklace out there that will act as the perfect instrument to highlight and compliment any outfit or situation of your choosing.

Necklace BlogHere at Violet Matters we endeavour to create a diverse range of necklace choices so that you can find the perfect piece for you or that special occasion. Whether you are looking for a delicate fine chain in hues of gold or silver or if you are seeking a statement piece we hope you are able to find what you are looking for within the Violet Matters Jewellery Shop. As part of our 2017 Collections we have a range of necklaces such as; chokers, pendants, cabochons, gemstone, wood, bead, porcelain, fine chains in gold and silver tones, pearls, long, short and mid lengths. We still continue to make custom pieces, however this year have focused our attention on expanding our ranges to reach a wider target market.


Necklaces 101:

As with all jewellery there are a couple of fairly common sense do’s and don’ts that we are happy to share, that may either act as a style reminder or inspire you to re-invent how you currently wear your necklaces.

Choosing a Statement Necklace

Necklace Blog - Necklace Shop Slider - Needs ReductionThis year this is a particularly hot trend and with good reason as a well chosen statement necklace has the power to transform your outfit and enhance your chosen ‘look’. As the name suggests the ‘statement’ necklace can do just that – make a statement about who you are as a person, how you feel about yourself and how you want others to see you. Furthermore, a spectacular statement piece can effortlessly transform your look from casual day to glamorous night. A key tip is to ensure that your outfit doesn’t mask your statement necklace; try teaming it with open neck, V necklines so you can create the most stunning dimensions to your look. Also make sure that you keep your proportions in balance – if you are going with a large statement necklace, be sure to tone back your earrings, rings etc – remember the rules about ‘too much jewellery’? It is also a good idea to try and make sure that your statement necklace tones in and complements your outfit and body size – I am sure I am not the only one who has seen some statement necklaces worn so badly that even cringing hurt.


Choosing the right sized necklace for your body type and outfit 

Necklace BlogWhile the heading kind of says it all we all from time to time still seem to struggle to choose the right piece of jewellery to wear with a particular outfit or, choosing the a necklace that suits our particular body shape. It can also be somewhat of a challenge to match a particular necklace with a desired style goal – for example trying to create a grunge or goth look or trying to create a romantic, feminine, classic, glamorous, sexy, classy, refined, sweet or even a bohemian style to name just a few. Whats more it seems like there is often a very fine line between ‘getting it’ and being totally ‘off the style mark’. 


Lets try to break it down just a little. 


Body Type –

The right or wrong choice of necklace can easily make or break whats happening from your chin to your navel.

Necklace BlogVoluptuous women (busty) need to take care when choosing large, chunky statement pieces, choose wrong and you can end up looking like the front end of a truck with your ‘statement necklace’ acting as the shiny front bull-bar or grill. You also need to be careful that you avoid creating a ‘shelf’ look – what I mean is when a busty women chooses a large beaded necklace that is the wrong length (too short) so it sort of just sits out like a shelf on top of her breasts. Or alternatively that you choose a choker that is so tight it gets lost somewhere in your neck. 

Necklace BlogInstead, why not try wearing a beautifully feminine gold chain (longer length or mid length) that drapes beautifully from neck down between your breasts. It will draw attention to the area but in a complimentary and intriguing way. You could wear a multi-layered fine chain with the shortest length sitting just on your clavicle, the other layers would drop down between you breasts perhaps with a pendant or feature piece along the way or at the end. When wearing larger necklace styles try to get them to sit below the clavicle for shorter styles or if you are looking for a longer length try to get it either between or below breast line – avoiding sitting on the breast ‘shelf’.



Petite Women – A good tip for petite women is to avoid wearing overly large statement necklaces, unfortunately they tend to swamp your body. Instead why not try Necklace Blogwearing a pretty choker – in this you could easily choose a wide style of choker. The thing to remember here is that because you are petite in build – big jewellery will look ginormous on you, medium sized jewellery will look large and small will look wonderful. So, if you are looking to create that ‘chunky’ style make your necklace choice from a medium sized statement necklace. 


Necklace Length & Style – 

Be aware of where the necklace sits. If its too tight – choker style, it may shorten your neck. In contrast, if you wear a necklace that is overly long in length you may find that it draws unwanted attention to your stomach area. Ask yourself what the purpose of the necklace is? are you trying to create a feature piece or are you just looking for something to complement you and your outfit? If it is the later than, we recommend that you opt for a finer petite style of necklace. 

Take a minute to consider the construction of the necklace – what is is made of? will that age well? will it look cheap? Is it in natural fibres or elements such as wood & suede? if you are going for a natural, casual, organic look than wooden beads and natural fibres are a solid choice. Or are you trying to create a more dazzling glamorous look? than we suggest that you look at getting an exquisitely shiny piece of bling bling.

Are you trying to maximise your bust or minimise it? if you are trying to minimise a large bust we recommend   a longer style beaded necklace – keep away from mid lengths. If you are trying to maximise your bust than we suggest that you try a longer style delicate multi or drop chain or a shorter necklace that sits on your clavicle.

Necklace BlogA note about longer style necklaces – longer style necklaces are an essential and versatile item within your accessory collection. They have the advantage of giving dimension and distinctiveness to your personal style. They are a great choice for everyday casual wear; whether you are heading out shopping, to work or meeting up with friends for lunch. As an extension of that the longer style necklace is a perfect choice for those trying to achieve a Bohemian, Vintage or Grunge look, particularly when you add in tassels, charms, pendants, feature beads, wooden disks, and natural elements and gems. Furthermore they are a prefect accompaniment to wear with your favourite jeans or cargo’s.


The clothes you wear – 

Necklace BlogRegardless of your body type or style this is a universal point that crosses age, style and body type lines. The ‘this’ that I speak of is the importance of selecting the right necklace to go with the outfit you are wearing. I have mentioned this briefly in a couple of our earlier blogs but it is so important it is worth mentioning here as well. A couple of simple points are; if you are going to wear a big knit jumper with a high neck – don’t wear a choker – obvious, but also don’t wear a necklace that is going to snag and catch on your sweater or indeed on any fabric that you are wearing. Be mindful of wearing ‘aggressive, masculine’ style pieces when you have on fine and dainty fabrics. Your necklace should complement not condemn your poor silk blouse. Avoid wearing strong geometric patterns with paisley patterned dresses and tops – it just looks wrong. 


Necklace BlogA note about gold jewellery – I often find that many women will define themselves as either ‘gold’ or ‘silver’ women. Of course many sit in the middle, however a large number diligently steer away from either gold or silver jewellery. When I was younger I loved silver jewellery and it I would have to really think hard to remember a particular gold piece of jewellery that I wore or was fond off. However, over the past many a year I have begun a deep love of gold jewellery. I am not particularly picky; I enjoy all the hues and variations of golden goodness available. I have particularly turned to wearing gold jewellery since we relocated to the Sunshine Coast as I have found that gold jewellery is particularly flattering to my (now) warmer skin tones. Just as the colour of my clothes has changed so too has my jewellery choices. When we lived in Orange, NSW (Brrrrrrr… in the winter months), I found silver jewellery was the most complementary to my pale skin tone. So it is no great surprise that moving to a warmer climate and gaining a year round warmer skin tone that gold is now more complementary – but this is just my observation. 

Necklace Blog, Silver Chain Category BannerDainty and fine golden hue necklace chains are the perfect match when you wear an outfit with a plunging neckline, when the chain is of sufficient length that it either sits on the clavicle or drops below your cleavage. They are also a simple way to add elegance and polish to your look. Layering golden hue necklace chains is quite simple when you keep to finer chain dimensions – be sure to check out our full gold necklace range over the coming weeks. 


A Final Word – 

Chokers Slider, Necklace BlogOnce you have found a necklace you love and you are confident that it is a complementary choice for your particular body type and the outfits you plan to pair it with; you have one final check to apply. Look at the jewellery again, ask yourself two simple questions. Firstly, ask yourself –  ‘What does this necklace say about me’? Does it scream glamorous or elegant? or does it say ‘look at me in all my alluring glory’? or perhaps its whispering more of a ‘look at me, I’m so cute and sweet’? or is it more of a roar of ‘back of world or I’ll crush you where you stand’?.. eek!! Does this necklace say what you want it to say about you? Remind yourself again the style or ‘look’ you are trying to achieve/convey – does this piece do it?Necklace Blog


Secondly, and once you are crystal clear on the answer to the first question, ask yourself, ‘does this necklace make me feel good about myself’? if the answer is a firm yes, congratulations you have found your special piece. However, if you have hesitated in your response, perhaps this is not the piece for you. Jewellery should be worn to make you feel joy, confidence and self empowerment at the very least. My golden jewellery rule is: if I don’t feel amazing wearing it – I don’t. I try to have the same philosophy about the clothes I wear, but this one is much harder to sustain, particularly during my last job where I was called upon to wear a hideous uniform for years. I actually wore no outer jewellery to work during my time there – as I felt that nothing was going to make that outfit less offensive and I didn’t want to ‘taint’ a favourite piece. Luckily, I am now able to wear exactly what I love and like a small child have been able to joyously rediscover some favourite pieces.

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