Jewellery Spotlight: The Choker

Part Two: Wearing the Perfect Choker for you:

Chokers Slider, Blog - ChokersWhile initially, chokers might not seem overly comfortable if worn correctly they can become a treasured essential item within your collection. I can only speak for myself but there is just something about the choker that is both a curious mix edgy/provocative and romantic/feminine. Something about wearing it can make you feel a mysterious combination, of empowerment, fun, seductive and daring. Teamed with a great pair of sunglasses they can seem to have the power to transform you into your inner fashion diva.

Blog - ChokersChokers don’t need to be tight – in fact they often look much better when they are a little looser. Your choker should sit comfortably on you neck. As a test ensure that when you have it on you can still move it quite freely.  Remember the Violet Matters #2 Golden rule – ‘it’ (referring to the particular piece of jewellery under discussion) should compliment and flatter you and make you feel amazing. 

Choker Blog

Think outside of the box – you can make a choker out of just about anything – if your neck is a part of your body your not particularly fond of for some reason, why not try using a beautiful scarf as a choker? you can simply wrap it around your neck loosely and depending on the length either let it drape/drop down your front or back or if you are using a smaller sized scarf you can simply tuck the ends in or tie prettily. Alternatively, you can create a chic choker by tying a bandanna around your neck.

Chokers are an excellent choice for those of you wanting to create a layered look. I personally love to wear a choker with a drop necklace or two and feel that the choker is often best showcased when worn with other necklaces. Be sure to check out our new range of chokers as we have a few varieties of this style there. If you are wearing an outfit that has a plunging neckline this style of choker/drop necklace can easily create a sexy and captivating look. 

One of the great things about the choker is its versatility – while I like it best as an evening wear accessory; it is easily adaptable into stunning day wear. This can often be the most easily achieved by your choice of choker construction. For example a layered gold chain with the first being a loose choker that sits on the clavicle is a great look for that work look. 

A choker is a great option for work. Try sticking to a simple style such as delicate gold or silver choker which will be subtle enough for most work environments. Or perhaps a beaded or gem set looser choker which if chosen correctly could also create a classically refined work style.

Choker BlogNo other piece of jewellery has the power to bring your look undone and the choker . It is one of those accessories that needs to be carefully selected to complement your outfit not clash with what you are wearing. With many other pieces of jewellery a little contrasting class can look fantastic, this is not the case with most chokers, Chokers are such a stand out accessory that it is vital that when you wear them they create a flow on complementary connection to the rest of your outfit.

Choker BlogChoosing the width of your choker is often the most difficult one for us to determine. What would look best? a thick or a thin choker? now there is the million dollar question. While there is no firm rule, there are a couple of guidelines to help you. If your aim is to make a statement than the thick choker is a solid choice. However, a thin cord/chain wrapped around your neck a couple of times with the ends left loose can create an equally powerful and alluring statement. If you have a large neck, the single wide piece (or wide base piece) is the better choice as wrapping a thin cord multiple times around your neck can create unattractive ‘puddin’ rolls’.  For example, you could start with a wide choker as a basis, than over the top of that you can add a layer of thinner chokers. 

Blog - Chokers, Chokers Shop PageBe mindful if you are choosing a wider metal ‘slave’ styled choker that you don’t wear it too tight so it cuts into the top of your neck – not only is this not a good look but it’s also really uncomfortable. Another note about wearing metal chokers is to be careful that you don’t wear perfume or heavy creams that will ruin the choker.

Chokers also form a good base piece for those of you who are interested in wearing body jewellery or ‘personal’ body jewellery pieces. There are lots of different ways you can use attachments, lead chains/pieces and attachments to a choker for a more provocative and intriguing look.

Choker BlogChokers are a great choice if you are trying to achieve a boho vibe to your look. Simply add your favourite flowing sundress to your choker and perhaps some cool thongs or boots and a couple of vintage rings and a torque bracelet or arm band and off you go.

Alternatively, why not try a cool industrial choker with your favourite black casual outfit – for that complete bad-ass look. You could also wear two or three metal, leather industrial styled chokers to create a more daring street styled look.

Choker BlogOr if all of this just seems way, way too hard why not go for a simple black ribbon choker – creating a stunning minimal romantic look. If you are looking for a little more texture or complexity try experimenting with pendants and cabochon’s or feature pieces that you can add onto your  simple ribbon choker. 

Choker BlogIf you have long hair why not try creating two braids and donning a nice thick soft black choker – team it with your favourite jeans, books and t-shirt to create a hot weekend look. Alternatively, elevate the simple weekend jeans and sweatshirt look by adding a simple choker such as a tattoo, ribbon or lace option to create a truly captivating look. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple choker to transform your look in ways you can’t even begin to envision. For example, A couple of weeks ago I wore my favourite old pair of jeans with a simple white t-shirt  that had a scooped neckline and a pair ballet flats. As always, I was running late so I just threw on a simple butterfly lace choker, I had more compliments about my look than I have had for ages. Which is a little frustrating when I think how much time I sometime take to put a look together – and here we are a 30 second effort added to my old jeans and t shirt and people are complimenting me all morning…… mmmm…… point taken and message to self received……

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