Jewellery Spotlight: Body Chains

Body Chains have the ability to instantly transform an otherwise relatively commonplace everyday outfit. I like to think of them as body amour and when I wear one (either over or under my clothes) it is a personal statement of confidence to myself. If you are like me and your wardrobe tends to be an exercise in the shades of black, than a body chain is a perfect addition to your ‘black’ ensemble. Whether you utilise a delicate and dainty body chain or a more intricate piece with more bling; body chains easily transform a somewhat commonplace everyday outfit into a subtle sensual statement. If you are looking for something a little edgier than I would suggest looking at a body harness (with or without attachments). You can find or we can custom make body chains to fit any body type; just send us you measurements along with your chain preference, style sought and we can give you a quick quote. As a rule (depending on the complexity) body chains are not particularly expensive with starting prices around $14.00.

Living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, we get to bask in long summers and mild winter months. An added benefit to this beautiful location is the ability to make body chains an essential item within my summer wardrobe. I tend to spend most of the year in a variety of dress styles and routinely wear a body chain under a simple sundress, I particularly like to wear a body chain that goes around the neck (not too tight) then drops down to my hips or waist – its super comfortable and feels great. I often like to add a little bling at the top and at the waist. Most people don’t look twice but occasionally some brave soul with get up the courage to ask me where the chain is going?? which always gives me a chuckle…. my reply is always ‘well a lady doesn’t say’. 

Regardless of your age, body shape or size or your confidence level and lifestyle there is a body chain out there for you; perhaps a simple waist chain which is a super versatile piece to begin with. You can wear it as a belt or you can wear it under your clothes with a t-shirt of top – a midriff if that suits your style and shape or perhaps just a favourite that gives a glimpse or peek of your chain when you raise your arms. One of the most beautiful body chains I have made was a custom waist chain with charms that I made for a wonderful woman who was in her 60’s. It was made out of layered gold chain and had stunning charms and feature pendant drop. She added a couple of detachable charms so she could change the look depending on her outfit. She loved to wear tailored dresses and used to wear the waist chain on her hips over the dress, alternatively she would wear the waist chain as a belt with capri’s, slacks, or linen drawstring pants – just stunning. She told me that she felt so ’empowered as a women’ when she wore it; that it gave her a greater sense of ‘womanliness’ and ‘confidence’. Since that first piece she has commissioned a couple of other pieces in velvet and suede. The lesson here is that – body chains can look amazing on all ages and body types, no matter your lifestyle or circumstance. 

If you are looking for something a little more intriguing you could try wearing a body chain with your favourite swimsuit (just remember to take it off before you dive into the pool or ocean). Alternatively you could try wearing a waist and leg body chain – not a personal favourite of mine but I have a couple of customers who just love the look.

Another option is to try opt for a beautiful piece of back body jewellery – if you have a dress or top with an exposed back than that would be a perfect outfit to add a back chain – simply stunning. You could also try a front chain that drapes over your curves and adds a little mystery when you wear it under over your clothes and something a little provocative when you wear it under your clothes – it will just leave a tantalising peak-a-boo glimpse for others to see. 

However, if you are looking for something a little intense or intriguing than you could look at trying a body harness or fuller body chains with/without attachments and weights. There is a huge variance within the range of body harnesses available. We are just putting the finishing touches to a couple of styles of body harness at the moment, so keep a look out over the coming weeks. I’ve made some gorgeous custom ribbon and ring body harnesses for a couple of clients and they looked amazing. A body harness is essentially exactly what you imagine it to be from the name it goes around your torso and then either crosses over on the front or back. You can find them made from a variety of materials and textures such as silver, gold, leather, cord, ribbon etc. 


Part Two: Body Chain Versatility 

Now, if you have been following the Violet Matters blog over the past couple of months or you were one of the lovely ladies who emailed me for more information about a teaser comment in one our posts last month regarding ‘personal body jewellery’ than this little bit is for you.  Ladies if you are not interested in reading about your wiggly bits than this is the perfect spot for you stop reading and clicking on the Violet Matters shop link in the menu to check out our latest specials.

It would be remiss not to mention the full potential and versatility of a piece of body jewellery. Indeed one of the greatest things about body jewellery is how easily you can adapt it, to create such disparate use or purpose. One of the most common examples of this is your ability to wear a body chain over or under your clothes, each way will create a distinctly different look and style. What’s more you can additional disparate looks depending how you wear the chains above or below cloths. For example and focusing on wearing chains above your cloths: – you can use a simple waist chain over a dress as a belt or shorten the length and wear in your hair or simply slip over your head and wear as a necklace.


Alternatively,  and focusing on wearing chains below your clothes: – you can take a simple body chain that perhaps comprises of a necklace segment that has a lead chain that drops and dissects your torso between your beasts, it can either end with a drop pendant or perhaps it attaches to a waist chain. With a couple of additional simple attachable/detachable pieces; you can then add them to the body chain. These additional chains can then be attached to your body, you can add additional weights and charms for something a little more intense, the choice is completely yours. A lot of women incorrectly assume that they have to have additional body piercings to utilise body chains in this way but actually you can easily (and I think more safely) utilise a range of non piercing clamps that allow for increased versatility/options and freedom of movement. As always the only limits are the ones set by your imagination. Whether you opt to wear them above or below your clothes, body chains will make a wonderful and intriguing addition to your jewellery collection this year.



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