Jewellery No No’s – Part Two

Jewellery No No’s is a two part series focused on common mistakes many of us make resulting in shortening the life of our jewellery. Be sure to check out the first article and if you have a spare minute at the end of reading this we would love to hear from you about any tips you have that extend the life of your jewellery. Now let’s get straight into it with the second part of the series, enjoy!


Wrong Size, shape and weight

Your jewellery should work with and complement your outfit. Heavy chunky jewellery with a delicate fabric dress or blouse looks odd and lessens the impact of both clothes and accessories. Chunky heavy style jewellery is a good look with jeans, jumpers whereas a dainty chain looks good with a silk blouse or flowing dress.


Incorrect Earring size

Often the last piece of jewellery that you put on the right or wrong choice of earring can make or break your outfit. Small earrings on a larger sized woman can make her neck look bigger. Long gaudy earrings can completely detract from everything else and overwhelm not just your outfit but you. The only thing people remember is ‘oh are you talking about that women with the gigantic earrings the size of a moon’….. Your earrings need to coordinate with the rest of your accessories and your outfit and body type. If you have multiple piercings they should all coordinate – they don’t and shouldn’t all be the same – how dull – but they should all compliment each other.


Anklet No No’s

Although they never go out of style – I know…. some of you will be saying ‘they never where in style’. Despite not being a popular mainstream item, you have to admire how from generation to generation they continue to evolve and endure. The key is to avoid wearing cheap ankle jewellery – it just looks tacky and well… cheap. If you like the look and feel of wearing an ankle piece as many of us do, than stick to quality components – good quality chain or stringing material, beads and charms. Make sure that you keep your ankle jewellery clean and tidy.


Conflicting and Incompatible Materials

From plastics, to clay, wood, gold, silver and gemstones, your pieces should compliment each other – for example; the setting should compliment the gemstone, bead and feature piece. Some materials and components just do not go well together, such as many cotton stringing materials with silver or hand-rolled clay or raw gemstones – over time the cotton wears and thins as the beads rub, resulting in broken pieces. 


Not knowing when to ‘take it off’

As a general rule all jewellery should be removed when playing sports, swimming in pools, oceans rivers and before you hop in the sauna, spa or on the massage table.


Wearing Jewellery that’s incompatable with your body type

Big chunky pieces can overwhelm a petite size person whilst dainty fine jewellery can become invisible with a larger sized person. Try to unify your jewellery to your body type. For example if you are a larger sized person and want to wear fine or dainty jewellery, perhaps choose a long necklace chain that falls nicely down your chest and if you are a petite sized person rather than wearing a large chunky necklace choose a necklace that has a large feature piece and smaller accent beads.

Be sure to check out our article on wearing jewellery to compliment your body type which will be available soon.


No Focal Point & Bad Jewellery Combinations

If everything matches it can look dull and uninteresting, rather try wearing limited matching pieces such as matching earrings with bracelet or necklace with bracelet but then add a different ring.

As a general rule you should choose ONE central piece that you are going to wear, then match it with complimenting pieces. In this way you avoid having too many focal points, which is not a good look. You can picture that women in your mind right now can’t you? She wears focal earrings with focal necklace, with focal rings on every finger and a dozen focal bracelets….. Oh dear!


Necklace Mistakes

The number one mistake most women make is to wear the wrong necklace length. It is so important to choose a length that first compliments your body type and second compliments your outfit. If its too short or to tight it can make you look larger and/or cut you off at the neck and distorts your body, if your necklace is too long for your body type it will also distort your body shape making you look like you have a disproportionately long torso face and neck – You want to have a pleasing vertical visual.


Wearing Jewellery that doesn’t match your lifestyle

We all do it, we have that favourite piece we just ‘have’ to wear everywhere we go…. Playing netball, to work, the gym, the office, playing with the kids and then are surprised and disappointed when its damaged or broken. Brittle or delicate jewellery is most probably best left for wearing to the office rather than your martial arts class.


Taking care of your pearls incorrectly

Pearls need TLC from time to time. They should always be put on last and taken off first. They should be stored in a cool, dry and breathable place – a velvet bag or pouch is a great storage option. Make sure, make sure, make sure that you don’t get hairspray, makeup, perfume or lotions and creams on your pearls – if you do clean straight away to minimise damage. Always keep them separate from your other jewellery – NEVER just throw them in your jewellery box, unless you don’t like your pearls and want to make them suffer..  keep and eye on the string, if you notice fraying or wear you most probably need to get them restrung. With a little TLC your pearls will last many years.

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    ‘incorrect earring size – So so true!! my mother-in-law is a tiny woman and she always wears these massive tacky earrings, it looks dreadful’, Katelyn

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