Jewellery No No’s – Part One

For so many people jewellery is an indulgent luxury that can sometimes be difficult to justify spending money on, in a time where so many people are struggling to keep their heads above water financially. As a single parent jewellery was for many years something that was just not a realistic purchase. It stands to reason than that the jewellery that we do have or that we decide to buy needs to be easy to care for and built to last. It is therefore a surprise to me when I see how casual most of us are with the care of our treasured jewellery pieces. Perhaps like I once was, people are unaware of how to properly care and store their jewellery. With this thought in mind we have come up with a two-part series focusing on common jewellery no no’s and have added in some practical, inexpensive ideas about how to extend the life of your jewellery pieces. 

We would love to hear from you about any ideas or tips you use to care for your jewellery, so drop us a quick comment at the bottom of this article, enjoy!


Wearing Too Much Jewellery

Wearing everything at the same time is a big NO NO – perhaps the biggest. Multiple bracelets, layered necklaces, gaudy long earrings and a ring on nearly every finger is just too much of a good thing, and becomes a confusing mish mash – jewellery is an accessory – you should be the feature NOT your jewellery. As a general rule you should only ever wear three – necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets. What this means is, if you choose to wear a ring, earrings and a necklace – leave the bracelet at home. If you wear ring, necklace and bracelet – leave the earrings at home, if you wear earrings, ring and bracelet – than leave the necklace at home, well you get the picture. It should match you outfit but not be TOO perfect.

See our blog ‘How much jewellery is TOO much jewellery.


Dirty Jewellery

Oh, one of my pet peeves is dirty jewellery – and you see it so frequently. Whether it’s dull or tarnished – usually from sweat or perfume being sprayed on it or being put on directly after you have sprayed yourself with perfume it ruins the look you are trying to achieve. What’s more in about an hour you will end up with a dark dirty rub line where the tarnished piece has rubbed on the back of your neck or some other eye-catching place. A great way to make your jewellery and your outfit look cheap and nasty. It’s easy to keep your jewellery clean and it will last much longer with a little TLC after you have worn it – even if all you do is wipe it down with a dry washer when you take it off after every wear.


Following a more is more rule

As a general rule if in doubt LESS is more. Nowadays most women are living very busy and dynamic lives – therefore the act of piling on mountains of jewellery is just not practical or comfortable, you run the risk of looking like an overdone fashion disaster.


Layering incorrectly

This is a BIG one and I’d hazard a guess its the one that we are all from time to time most guilty off. Layering should look effortless – like you have just ‘thrown a couple of pieces on’, in reality layering your jewellery to make it look effortless actually takes some effort. The challenge is to make it look good the danger is that when you get it wrong – it can look ridiculous. Jewellery should be something that you collect and add to over years – keep this in mind when you start layering – ‘good’ layering is when it looks like you are wearing a mix of your favourite pieces that you have collected over the past few years – they should coordinate but not match. What this means is that you should try to achieve an organic look rather than a contrived. Mix up the styles, sizes and dimensions but retain an overall complimentary and coordinated look.

Be careful that it doesn’t look overdone – like you’re trying to hard – aim for organic and don’t be scared to mix and match different gemstones or metals – it is an old wives tale that you can’t mix your metals done right you can create a stunning look mixing silver, rose gold and silver together. Remember –  You want it to look interesting and special not overdone and gaudy.

Once you have layered on your pieces stand back and look in the mirror – ask yourself ‘does it look organic’? ‘does it look fun and interesting’? if you answer yes to both of these questions you are good to go..


Noisy Jewellery

Clinking and Clanging every time you breathe, people can hear you coming three rooms away…. so irritating. It reminds me of when we would come home from school and go out into the paddock to put Lola the Jersey cow (who had a bell around her neck) into the shed for the night or of these creepy hillbilly neighbours who lived next door to us for a time and had lots and lots of goats (with bells around their necks)….. sorry just saying!


Ill-fitting Rings

Wearing rings that are too big or too small can cause a number of issues and is generally not a good look – and trust me when you wear a too big/too small ring – people notice. Just like they notice when you wear that outfit that is too small!!



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