Hello Spring

Hello Spring, Don’t you just love it? Blue skies and sunny days, with a welcome break of stunning storms and lighting shows. Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, allowing us all to shake off the ho-hum-glum of winter and step into a fresh new season. I particularly love spring fashion, full of light and flowing materials, great swing dresses and even better shoes….

This year in celebration of everything that is fabulous about Spring and in the exciting lead up to our new jewellery line which is just about to launch before Summer we have decided to spend some time looking at the influence and meaning behind colour through a series of blogs right here on our website and through a variety of posts and events on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter sites. Be sure to check them out over the following weeks as we will also be giving away some amazing gifts to some lucky followers. 

Our new ‘colour’ series will examine some of the following topics and more;

  1. Colour psycology: What colour does your personality represent? would your friends and family agree?
  2. What colour clothes do you wear? what do the colours we wear really say about us? 
  3. Are you a silver or gold person? What symbolism is behind each
  4. What’s your skin tone? how to work it out and discover the best colour clothes and jewellery for your particular skin tone
  5. Colour and mood: Can colour influence your mood? can you use the power of colour to alter your mood and the mood of those around you? can the colour of your outfit influence how you feel about yourself? 

It’s a busy time here at Violet Matters as we are putting the final touches to our new line of jewellery which will transform our new direction as a company. There are lots and lots of big and little things on the move at the moment and we are super excited to launch them over the next  month or so. 

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