Your Grandma’s Jewellery is Making a Comeback

Think back to days gone-by when you used to visit your Grandma & play dress-up in her jewellery box. Those old brooches and cameos of yesteryear have made an epic comeback.  Rewind back 100 years, 200 years then 500 years and you will find the cameo necklace still at the forefront of classic style and beauty. 

Wait long enough and everything old is sure to become cool again, which is what I tell myself is the reason I hoard my clothes for years. The same can be said about cameos; as you follow them through history you can see the style of the motifs, images, settings morph and redefine into something new and era appropriate.

One of the cameos greatest abilities is to cross-styles and trends. Which is perhaps one of the primary reasons they continue to endure through the ages.

Cameos can lend themselves to virtually any style that you want. From the vintage style silhouettes to the Gothic skull & skeleton look to the classically timeless portrait cameo.  This versatility means that cameos can look stunning on women of all ages and styles.

Some of the more popular styles of cameo are:

  • Skull
  • Portrait of lady, child or mother and child
  • Angels
  • Flowers
  • Animals

One of the most notable changes to cameos is the ‘hardware’, while grandma’s cameo has most probably been constructed using either bone or porcelain, Bone and porcelain cameos are beautiful but can often be really pricey to collect. Meaning owners often don’t wear them as an everyday piece to avoid damaging them.

Modern cameo’s now often tend to be constructed using durable and versatile resin molds. Resin cameos are fantastic as they are tough and long-lasting. You can be a little rougher with them,  and wear them everyday.

Resin cameos don’t tend to fade and if made well can be robust if they accidentally come into contact with liquids. Resin also allows the creator to get fairly creative with their designs and colours creating some fantastic new and original designs and images.

There are also some really well made and pretty plastic cameos out there right now. I particularly like the ones that have been hand-painted. Creators tend to us the base plastic resin mold and then do fine hand-painted images on them. You need to be careful here though as some plastic cameos can look quite cheap and well ‘plastic’.

So next time your at your Nanna’s house take a peak in her jewelry box and see what cameo treasures she might have, or visit our Cameo & Cabochon Etsy store Cabochons Australia for the latest in Cameo fashion accessories. #lovecameos

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