Geometric Jewellery

Well it’s back!! if it even really went away, geometric jewellery has had a much needed makeover and appears to be here to stay heading into summer. Strong block colours and intriguing angles are the new in thing. Not for everyone, but if you are a fan than they can instill within you a sense of confidence and style this season.

Whether you looking at earrings , necklaces, rings or bangles geometric jewellery is loud and proud this summer.

Delicate Gold Coloured Drop Necklace

A good tip is to go for a sense of symmetry with your geometric jewellery so it really shines. Like always if in doubt keep it simple, why not try a 

delicate pair of drop earrings or a dainty gold or silver chain with a triangular pendant feature. There are some great geometric torques and bangles available in the shop at the moment that won’t overwhelm your look. I tend to find that when it comes to geometric jewellery, I steer clear of large chunky pieces as I find they can look a bit masculine on me. Rather, I opt for delicate ‘touches’ of geometric, such as this piece which comprises of a fine gold chain with a triangular feature and a drop chain finish. Often a large geometric feature can completely overwhelm not only your sense of style but your whole outfit.

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