May Jewellery Spotlight: Earrings

Your choice of earring can communicate allot about you and can add a new dimension to you face and other peoples first impression of you – wow no pressure here ladies! I am going to go out on a limb here and say that rather than making your earring choices based solely on what’s ‘in style’ right now; instead firstly determine what shape, size and design of earring looks best on you. Trends come and go, it’s much more important to pick pieces that suit your body type, head shape, and desired style than keeping up with the latest trends. Trust me, there are a lot of us who look back at photo’s of ourselves during the 80’s and just cringe…… wishing we had followed this advice! oh time capsule where are you?

When choosing what specific accessories  to wear with each particular outfit in order to complement your desired look can be somewhat overwhelming, which may account why so many of us just opt to forget about style and choose a pair of earrings that we like. Over the next few weeks we are going to try and offer a few helpful hints and ideas that will hopefully inspire you to change the way you wear and select particular earring styles through a series of blogs and articles.


The Starting Point:

Earrings BlogThe definitive goal of your earring choice (indeed all of your accessory choices), is to ensure that you pick a style and design that is the most flattering to you and on you. Ask yourself the question does this style and shape of earring (jewellery) make you look amazing? Does it enhance, lift, complement or accentuate a feature in a positive way? Does it look good on you? Do you feel good wearing it? If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, than you need to rethink your earring (jewellery) choices. 

By asking yourself a couple of key questions and following a few suggestions you will be able choose and wear your earrings with more confidence and look amazing while you do it.


 Choosing the best earrings for the shape of your face and your bone structure:

A good place to start when choosing your earrings is to identify the shape of your face. Ask yourself ‘is it round, oval, narrow, diamond,  heart or square’?  Once you have determined the shape of your face, determine  the type of bone structure that you have. Do you have a large facial bone structure?, think Oprah; or do you perhaps have very fine bone structure similar to Meryl Streep?  Now, if you don’t clearly fall into those two classifications than it’s more likely that you possess a medium bone structure similar to Madonna’s.  For more on choosing the right earrings for your particular face shape check out our next blog titled ‘Jewellery Spotlight: Earrings – choosing the right earrings for the shape of your face.


Choosing the earrings that best suit your lifestyle and personality:

It’s not rocket science to reach a conclusion that wearing long dangling earrings is perhaps not the smartest choice if you have a small child that likes to grab and pull at everything that moves, ow!. But this aside there are a couple Earrings Blogof things you should ask yourself before you put on your earrings; Primarily, where will you be going in your earrings? if the answer is work, than you should be selecting the more conservative styles within your collection, gold is always a good choice here. In most instances (depending on your particular job) exaggerated sizes and shaped earrings should not be your earring choice for work. If you are going out or you are at leisure than your choices are limitless and it is the perfect opportunity to accessorise in a way that really demonstrates you personality and authentic self in a way that makes you look and feel amazing. 

Try to choose earrings that celebrate your personality and personal style. How do you see yourself? How would you like others to see you? How would you like to look to the world?

I feel the need to preface this information by stating that you don’t have to just define yourself into one category. Many of us like to embrace a couple of these ‘personalities’, depending on day, circumstance and company being kept. There are no limits – only opportunities – opportunities shaped only by the limits of your imagination.

Are you a ‘total girly girl’?, a romantic who loves shopping, manicures, feminine clothes and everything that’s soft and womanly? If this sounds like you, than try wearing earrings that are delicate and feminine and that are curved or rounded in design.

Or perhaps you see yourself more as a more ‘organic, natural’ type of woman? Do you like natural fibres, relaxed clothes? If this describes you to a tee, than we suggest that you choose understated earrings that’s not too ‘busy’ or overwhelming to your overall look. 

Perhaps you see yourself as exotic and mysterious? Do you like daring and alluring clothes? If this sounds like you than dramatic feature pieces will look amazing just as much as thinner styled dangles and drops. This look is all about complimenting layers of hotness.

Or perhaps you see yourself as dramatic and glamorous? Do you like flamboyantly elegant and different clothes? Do you like wearing unusual designs and styles? than try wearing ‘statement’ earrings that have straight edges.

Earrings BlogOr perhaps you see yourself as creative and artistic? Do you have an imaginative eclectic and unique sense of fashion? Do you make fashion choices that will make you stand apart from your perception of norm?  Or do you see yourself as a bit of a creative hippy chick? a throw back from the 70’s? If one or both of these sounds like you why not try some colourful earrings or something that dangles would no doubt compliment your desired look. The bohemian style can also complement your look and style quite nicely.

If none of these seems to encapsulate how you see yourself, than perhaps you see yourself as a real lady? Classy, elegant, refined, graceful, luxurious, dignified, with a measured  and classic sense of style? Wow! that’s a whole lot of woman right there; if you love wearing beautiful clothes in a classically elegant style accompanied by an exquisite piece of jewellery than a good earring choice for you would be small earrings in gold, silver with inlaid gems, sapphires, ruby’s, emerald’s and diamonds are always  a good place to start. Be sure to include a couple luxuriously  decadent and delicate drop or hoop earrings with requisite level of glamorous bling for  formal evening wear events.

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