Custom Ordering

We receive a lot of emails from clients wanting to know how the custom portion of our business works or how much it costs. Our primary business is creating custom pieces for clients around the world. At present our most popular custom range is our Jasmine Collection – specifically body chains, waist chains and anklets. As we are all unique it follows that your body jewellery be customised for your specific body size. 

The easiest way to find out what a custom piece will cost is to simply send us an email detailing what you are looking for and your key measurements. Also include what type of material you would like the chains to be in. We will create a free custom quote for you and we can go from there.

Please note that not everything is able to be customised for a variety of production and style and design reasons but most times we are able to create something unique just for you.

A lot of the customising we do is often not creating something from scratch rather it is simply adding or subtracting something. For example, with the body harnesses and torso chains many clients wish to add on some weights, extra chains, clamps, dangly bits and all manner of extensions and bling – the only limit is a clients imagination. 

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