Caring for your jewellery tips

The deterioration of a beloved piece of jewellery is so frustrating and often very avoidable. For many women a new piece of jewellery is a special treat, a luxury splurge so you want to make sure your special pieces last a long time. Below are some helpful reminders to help you keep your jewellery in tip top shape.

  1. Perfumes and lotions are killer!!! to jewellery – this is usually how I destroy my favourite pieces, I like to give a little spritz of perfume, then use a little hand lotion after I am dressed… not a good move as nothing will destroy your jewellery quicker than getting it wet or having lotions and perfumes placed directly on it. Be sure to always use your perfumes and lotions before you put your jewellery on. Also remember to take it off rings before you wash your hands with soaps etc. I’m somewhat clumsy and have lost a few rings down sinks so I just keep some great ceramic bowls near the sinks to mitigate the risks, works a treat!
  2. Look after it – this is not meant to be sarcastic, I’ve got friends who have baskets, drawers, bowls, tins  and plates full of a mish-mash of jewellery that they just drop or dump in together. They then have to spend an age untangling each piece when they want to wear it. Just great when you are trying to rush out the door for work!! A much better option is to take yourself off to the closest $2 shop and purchase some organza pouches and/or small boxes. Its not expensive but it is a great way to safeguard your jewellery. Place each piece in its own individual bag so it doesn’t get tangles, chipped or tarnished and scratched. You can still use the drawer, basket etc.. but you will now just have them in cool individual bags. If you live on the coast you might want to opt for the velvet bag option and keep them in a box or drawer away from the damaging salt air.
  3. Environmental Issues – if you live on the coast like we do, even leaving it lying around can be the death of a favourite piece as the salt air can play havoc with metals.
  4.  Keep it clean – don’t forget to clean your most loved and oft worn pieces from time to time, this will keep them looking shiny and new for much longer, rather than sad and loosing their lustre after being worn to death. An inexpensive jewellery cloth is a good investment. Be sure to check the ingredients of cleaners and try to avoid alcohol or acid based ones. I don’t drink Cola but it is very helpful as a cleaning agent for jewellery.
  5. Keep it dry – our bodies secrete oils and sweat, in the harsh Australian summer these are pretty common issues. When you take off your jewellery it is a good idea to use a soft cloth and give it a wipe down to remove any oils or moisture that may be on it. Sounds like a lot of effort but it sounds like a better option than wearing a piece of jewellery that is covered in body oils and perspiration… eewww!! trust me, your precious favourites will last longer and look better for it. This also translates to not wearing jewellery to the gym…. not a good idea ladies.
  6. Don’t sleep in it – it goes without saying but you need to ‘take it off’ before you go to bed. Just like I don’t understand why women go to bed with makeup on, I also don’t get  going to bed with necklace, bracelet, rings and ear-rings on. If this is you… then stop for a moment and be very quiet…… do you hear that? it is the sound of your jewellery screaming for mercy!! There is no better way to damage or shorten the longevity of a piece of jewellery than wearing it 24/7.
  7. Don’t wear it in the pool – most jewellery is not a swimming accessory. Pools are so chemically treated that they are all but guaranteed to ruin your jewellery, no matter the quality of the piece. The same can be said for the ocean, river or creek. You will just need to rely on your other charms and personality as your accessories in water situations.
  8. Finally, to sum up your jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Keep it clean and dry and away from perfumes and lotions, water and salt air. Store your jewellery in individual bags rather than all lumped together.

Until next time, keep smiling you are awesome!

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