Can wearing bright colourful jewellery improve your mood?

Now here is a radical thought – can we really (genuinely, significantly) influence our moods simply by wearing a bright colourful piece of jewellery?

BlogWell according to an article this week out of the UK, scientists have apparently determined that not only does wearing bright colourful jewellery and clothes have the power to influence our mood but that it also has the ability to impact positively on our health as well!! Now here is a concept that I can get behind – hail to the power of a colourful bead……. What a wonderful scientific discovery for small jewellery business owners like us here at Violet Matters..

Now I’m not sure that I’m about to throw out my daily multi-vitamin just yet BUT –here finally is some scientific validation of a concept and belief that I have long adhered to but not tested fully – this idea that what we wear has the power to influence the moods and feelings of not only ourselves but people around us – yay! Finally!! Just the excuse I have been holding out for before I adorn my body with all of my fantabulous fluoro jewellery accessories and outfits.

Now seriously, and all cynical thoughts aside – this is a concept that just  may be worth looking into a bit deeper. I have long, long and I mean 20 years long… been a person who has black, black and more black as my staple clothing colour, if you opened my wardrobe you would find zero coloured pieces, zero. Now I am as a rule a fairly happy cheerful person despite clearly looking like a blend of middle-aged sad emo or goth witch – who furthermore, must look like I’m in a perpetual state of mourning as I only wear one colour – year round – Black.

BlogBlack swimmers, black pj’s, black underwear, black dresses, black skirts, black pants, black tops…. Well I am sure you have a clear picture in your mind to continue with for the moment. Now, I don’t feel weird about this as I’m comforted by the knowledge that there are many of you out there who have the same scintillating fashion sense that I do, and NO I don’t think it’s odd to live a few metres from the ocean and wear black every day, not odd at all…… I should add here that although 99.98% of my wardrobe is in black (I feel confident with this percentage as it is the same guarantee you get from a condom!!) – My accessories; jewellery, bags, scarves, shoes and hats etc. are a kaleidoscope of colours, hues and textures that I feel balance out the black foundation pieces.  

This current theory being discussed by scientists out of the UK holds that while most of us spend our time dressed in varying outfits in black, navy, brown and white as our central ‘foundation’ base; we might actually be robbing ourselves from the potential health benefits that bright colours can bring to our general health and well-being.  There are many theories about why we wear so much black, navy, grey and brown – from trying to become invisible, low self-confidence, laziness, habit just to name a few. For me it could be a combination of one, some or all but I also choose to wear a lot of black as I feel most comfortable in it and feel it best suits my body type and its just so, so easy to wear black clothes.

Researchers believe that when we see bright colours it triggers a psychological response by releasing either Dopamine or Oxytocin– now ladies these are some awesomely great hormones to have rushing about your body. Oxytocin is the hormone that helps to keep us on an even keel, it relaxes us and creates a sense of restful peace, and it is often referred to as the love hormone or hug hormone. While lovely little dopamine is the hormone that makes us feel good. Dopamine can energise, motivate and make us feel more alive. Particular shades of blue are said to trigger Oxytocin while pink, red and other bright colours aid in triggering your dopamine levels. This sort of thinking has the potential of completely revolutionising how we think about what we are wearing and how we are constructing our outfits and look each day.

BlogFor example, if you are experiencing a high level of stress, try wearing bright blue tones as it will help trigger the wonderful Oxytocin hormone. Or why not try wearing pink if you are feeling tired and worn out as it is said to promote feelings of femininity and youthfulness. Or perhaps try wearing some yellow (now not many of us can wear this successfully but.. you can all throw on a yellow bangle or necklace) if you are sad as it is believed to be a mood lifter.

BlogNow Orange is an interesting one – if you have a skin tone like mine than, when I wear orange, it really doesn’t matter what else I have going on that day, all people see is how ghastly and sickly I look!! But, if you are lucky enough to have a skin tone that works with orange you should give it a go as its said to improve your self-confidence. If you are particularly upset or troubled try adding some purple to your look as it is believed to be a naturally calming colour that can improve your confidence and sense of equilibrium. Green can be a great colour if you are feeling a bit like you are all over the place, as it is a great colour to help you create a sense of balance and researches say it can also make you more approachable to others.

It would be remiss of us not to mention Violet here. Once upon a time lilac and violet were most frequently associated with nanna’s but today violet is happily worn by all ages. Violet is often associated with spirituality and healing. It is a great colour to wear if you want to feel centred and confident. And lastly let’s take a look at red – a universal colour that seems to suit almost all body types and skin tones and if researchers are to be believed it also has the added benefit of increasing our metabolism, it is the energiser colour… hello weight loss and good mood.

It is a hard truth to reconcile for a woman with a wardrobe full of black but, despite an inherent long-held habit of wearing only dark colours there is the sharp truth that black and other dark colours are often not the most flattering or best choice for us to wear in such a dominant manner. BlogIn fact, black can often work against us and have an opposite outcome from what we were aiming for by making us look frumpy or make us look and feel older and sap us of our energy and spark. The beginning and the end of it seems to conclude that bright colours do in fact lead us to increased sustained feelings of happiness and an improved sense of well-being.

As an experiment try going online and purchasing some simple inexpensive t-shirts in as many bright colours as you can find. Then when you are at home try wearing one of the colourful t-shirts each day, taking not about what you looked like to how you’re felt during the day. When I did this I discovered that wearing green made me feel awkward, uncomfortable and unattractive while in startling contrast wearing a combination of navy and pink made me feel awesome, confident, happy and feminine all day long. Why not give it a go yourself? We’d love it if you dropped back after your done and left us a message about how you went. Until next time, enjoy!





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